Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 6, 2009

Quests quests quests

Horray, finally finished that dungeon. It was the longest I’ve taken to do a dungeon, and it’s not all that big. You’ll see it as you’ll be forced through it to complete the game. I do have to add enemies to the optional part of the dungeon, but that’ll be pretty quick.

All the classes are now available to the player.

I have 3 main quests to go, and more than 4 sidequests left to do. I dunno exactly how many sidequests because I didn’t count them (and I took away some quests to make them just simply found), but yeah there’s still some to do.

2 of the main quests left are mainly going to be “go here and meet this person” so no real troubles here. I just need some time to sit down and actually work on that, I’ve been busy recently. I think I’ll start getting up some character profiles here soon.

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | May 29, 2009

The Giant of Bab-il

It’s a song from FF4, a very good one. It was the one that finally brought enough inspiration for me to tackle the next dungeon. This is probably the last dungeon I’ll need other than the last one as far as designing goes.

I still have a few more quests and sidequests to go but hopefully I’ll have a good amount done by the end of summer. I really want to see this project complete, so don’t worry, I won’t abandon it.

In this dungeon, I added some guards that you have to get by. You can hide behind pillars for cover. Of course if you really suck at this, you can just fail a few times, fight the guards a few times and then it’ll be clear. Not recommended if you’re on a low level (anything below 8) because you don’t get anything except a heal item drop and they can hit fairly hard, though it’s not like you’re fighting a boss.

I finished putting text in the books in the game, so you should be able to check them all out and see what they say. Some even teach you spells which can be nice.

I also put more of the job classes in the game, so you can get the Assassin job and the Paladin one. So really the only ones missing are *maybe* Chocolatier (I have to check, I think I did this one but I dunno if it’s a complete quest) and Dark Knight. Once they’re there, then all the classes will be available.

Then, I need to add 2 more summons to the game, and then the player will be able to have all of them. I think I’m missing a few spells and weapons but those will mainly be quests. I’m planning on 30-35 quests, and I have 22 so far.

I got some of my songs back, like last boss songs and a field song, so you’ll hear them in Paradise Blue too. Now, I’ll have to compose a song for this dungeon.

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | May 24, 2009

Working again

Switching from Azure Ocean to Paradise Blue now. Since Emirpoen’s gonna be taking a break from working on games altogether, I decided to go back and continue this. I don’t really like doing that because if I keep switching between games it’ll take longer for both of them to be released, but I guess I’ll just finish this.

What I did today was add some NPCs to Seaside and Vila Estelar, I made animations for some of the summons too. Now that I remember where I am in game, I’ll finish putting the NPCs in Seaside and then continue the main questline.

Here’s a screen for now.


You can rename the characters to whatever you want, so no this isn’t a Haruhi fangame. I forgot to rename Yuki and Tsuruya since I changed their classes though.

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | April 17, 2009

Character Art: Amelia


Click the image to go to the artists DA gallery.

I like how it came out so I decided to share it here.

Game progress: I got a few more enemy sprites done, which are going to be placed in the game.

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | March 25, 2009

Character updates

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been updating this, it’s simple.  I haven’t done any work on it. Busy with other projects. On a nicer note, I have someone adding quests for their character, and they went above and beyond and are adding a new area, town and enemies. I’d love to see the result of this and I hope others find it fun. 🙂

I have pictures for Amelia and Llorcan already. I will post more when they come.



Drawn by Renevatia



Drawn by Jihaus

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | March 5, 2009


I didn’t post the previous days but I was still working on Paradise Blue. I added some new quests (I think 4 of them), such as a Giant hunting one and a Painter rescue quest. I added a new enemy which I think some people will find amusing but I haven’t decided where to place him yet (That enemy is the reason for this topic title, I think you’ll get it when you play the game).

I added a boost in Mind for the Black and White shirts as I felt they were underpowered compared to the Tiger Vest which also provided an Attack power boost in addition to having a higher defense.

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | March 2, 2009

Main questline

Well, I got around to doing some of the main questline story. I made a cave in the swamplands area where the scientists hide their treasure, and a trap there too. You can only move when the light is blue. When it’s red, then you have to stop, otherwise it’s back to the beginning for you. Shouldn’t be too hard as it’s not a far distance you have to go.

Then, I added 2 cutscenes so it could explain what you’re doing. Nearly done with this cutscene, then I have to go work on the next dungeon. I have an idea of what I’m going to be doing for it, I may need to fix up the mapping to accomodate for it though, and actually do the coding on it.


Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 25, 2009

World edits

I did a few things.

This is one.

Other updates:

*Added grapes around towns

*Fixed the overworld map to reflect the maps/towns/terrain more

*New cafe in Vila Estelar. I need to add NPCs and have something there

*A Library in the temple of Vila Estelar

*I made a song for Vila Estelar, but I think I’ll need a different one judging by the feedback.

*Enemies for the upper part of the swamplands

I think there was more but I’m too hungry to think of what else I did.

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 21, 2009

Developers room

I worked mostly on the Azuras river interior. This is a place where you can pay to fight battles, and you’ll always be able to fight as long as you have the money for it. You don’t get EXP or G from the battles but you do get ABP.

They pretty much work, and the quest is set for it already. I made new monster graphics for it, so I just have to make an Octopus and finish up a Stingray and that’s it for that. I also have to write up some guard dialogue and add some more NPCs around the area. Shouldn’t take too long.


Now, the developers room was inspired (ripped off) from Final Fantasy IV. It’s the same map layout pretty much, just with my graphics instead of FF4 stuff. And the people are going to say different things. Maybe have some items about. I’ll think more about it later. I was just happy to make one.

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 18, 2009

Some fixes and additions

I was going to make a bigger mapping change, but I don’t have any tileset space to add what I want, so that idea is gone. Instead, I just made some minor mapping changes. The West/East apartments in Santelha for example, they’re no longer gold, they’re stone. I also changed up the shopping areas a bit too.

In Seaside, the shops are all changed to white buildings, to add some diversity to the town color.

Then, I added enemies to the mountain and cavern areas, so that takes care of another area. Not quite done at the time of this writing, but it shouldn’t be far off.

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