This game was inspired by Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 5, and Oblivion. It has a fairly non-linear quest system, Quest log to check your progress, and NPCs you can hire for various effects. You also have classes, and gain abilities from them. So a Monk could learn the Kick ability which you can transfer over to a White Mage. So then a White Mage could use White Magic and also Kick. You gain ABP after a battle so you can learn these skills.

Enemies are shown on screen in the maps, and die permanently when you defeat them. There are some areas that constantly respawn enemies, but for the most part they’re finite.

The menu has the options to equip a weapon, armor, class, command ability (Such as White Magic, Summon, Kick), and a Support ability (Such as Max HP + 300, See hidden treasures, Dash). Weapons and armor are restricted by class. You can only use command/support abilities when you learn them from the class.

The overworld is a small map. So you don’t fight encounters there. You can walk to another area if you want, but in the overworld, you can teleport directly to another area. Unless you hire a traveler NPC, it’ll cost you some money to teleport.


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Z or Enter key: Confirm/Talk/Attack
  • X or Escape key: Cancel/Open Menu
  • Number keys: Open Skill chart
  • Symbol keys: Open Quest log


  1. SUPER!!

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