Fighter High strength, Best selection of weapons/armor, can learn Attack plus abilities. No command abilities.

White Mage Healing magic, Regeneration and MP Regeneration abilities learned. Can learn the White Magic command ability

Blue Mage Item learned magic, MP Plus abilities learned. Can learn the Blue Magic command ability. Find 10 of a certain item and they will learn a new Blue magic spell.

Dark Knight Dark and Sacrificial magic, High strength and good variety of weapons/armor to choose from. Can learn the Dark Magic, Dark Wave, and Sacrifice command abilities. Dark Magic uses Power down or Status effect + Damage types of skills. Dark Wave hits all enemies, but costs the user HP. Sacrifice uses some of the users HP buts heals the other allies.

Archer All enemy attacks for no MP, Speed up abilities, and the Triple Cut ability learned at the final Archer level. Can learn the Triple Cut command ability. Triple Cut hits the enemy 3 times.

Black Mage Elemental and offense magic, Magic power up ability plus field movement regeneration of HP or MP. Can learn the Black Magic command ability.

Monk Highest HP, Attacks with fists. Can learn HP plus abilities. Can learn the Kick and Build Up command abilities. Kick hits all enemies for less damage than a normal attack. Build Up stores up attack power for a few turns and releases it for high damage.

Assassin High Speed. Can learn Auto-Image and Initiative abilities. Can learn the $Toss command ability. $Toss uses money to attack all enemies (the more money the stronger it is)

Paladin Highest Attack power. Can learn the Protection, Recovery, and Revive command abilities. Protection casts a spell to defend against elemental spells. Recovery restores all allies from every status effect for no MP. Revive attempts to revive all allies for no MP.

Red Mage Lower level White and Black Magic, All stat up abilities, and learns the DoubleCast command ability as well as Red Magic command ability. Double Cast allows you to cast the same spell twice in one turn.

Bard/Dancer Dance or Sing for no MP. Automatic resistance to all status effects, and can transfer it with the Ribbon ability. Dance uses a random attack, Sing powers up the allies. Can learn the Dance or Sing command ability.

Time Mage Time and space manipulation spells. Auto-Haste ability learned. Can learn the Time Magic command ability.

Summoner Can summon various spirits. Can learn the Summon and Conjure command abilities. Conjure randomly chooses a spirit to summon, but costs no MP. Resist is an ability that partially blocks all status effects.

Thief High speed. Learns Dash and See Hidden abilities. Can learn Slash command ability. Slash attempts to slay all the enemies.

Chocolatier High defense. Learns ChocoSpell, CandyCane, and ChocoEquip abilities. ChocoSpell uses a random chocolate attack for no MP, CandyCane lowers MP cost by 50%, ChocoEquip conjures up a powerful weapon and armor which replaces your current equipment. It is however unequipped after 6-8 turns, leaving you without equipment unless you use the command again.


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