Guardian group:

  • 4 user defined guards. Their name, gender, and class can be chosen at the start. These are the player characters, and are hired to guard Amelia and Neil.

Azalea group:

  • Amelia is an Assassin. She is pretty evil and mean most of the time, but can be nicer if you know her well. But she’s not one to trust people easily. Initially, she is assigned to be a body guard to Neil. Her selfish nature worries Neil.
  • Neil normally oversees a lot of the workers in the castle. He is outgoing, but mean spirited too. He otherwise wants to have fun, but does get annoyed by people and tends to look down at a lot of them.
  • Solomon is the leader of the Azalea group. He is fighting for the throne in Santelha. He’s pretty sarcastic. He isn’t meant to inherit the throne, he has no blood relation to the king, but he will try as hard as he can to get what he wants. He doesn’t do it for the good of the people, but rather for the power.
  • Christina is a calm and intelligent girl. She’s a Royal Guard. For some reason or another she ends up having to wait outside the throne room, making her duty useless. Very laid back, but is a powerful opponent if you ever have to fight against her.
  • Bruno is smart, but tends to nearly always disagree with Christina. He tends to plan out strategies to help them gain an advantage over Lotus. He is handy with machinery, what little of it exists at that time. Christina and Bruno were both pretty much forced into the group and they still wonder why.
  • Abigail is a scientist, very brilliant and is fascinated with the Ancangers. She was the one that asked Amelia to get the tokens, and she’s very interested in researching things that can grant power. Not one to use it on herself, so she sees how this affects the test subjects. Generally nice overall, though she can get impatient when talking to other people.

Group of Lotus:

  • Llorcan is the self proclaimed leader of the Lotus. He isn’t really, but wants to take over. He is a Dark Knight, and has the ego the size of the whole Island. He quickly gets upset over things.
  • Amaro is in charge of Lotus. He and Salomon are fighting for the crown. Amaro is the nephew of the King and the closest in line for the throne. He is a nice honest person, but also a coward and usually takes orders from Llorcan. He doesn’t like violence so he tries to stop the conflict that would go on.
  • Javier is the Lord of Marsall. He cares about women more than he cares about Marsall itself. Park Justino and Beachside got infested with animals and spirits because he didn’t bother sending people to protect it.
  • Evan is Javiers right hand man. He doesn’t always like that, he wishes he were in charge instead, as he actually cares about the town. He does take comfort in assassination missions, although they rarely present themselves to him, and he won’t do one unless there’s a good reason to.

Neutral adventurers:

  • Priscila is an Adventurer, and mainly a fighter. She is obsessed with technology and weaponry. She is pretty intelligent too, but you’d have to get past her rambling about weapons to even notice. She is very outgoing too, and manages to get herself kicked out of her favorite weapon store for being annoying and window shopping.
  • Monica is her friend. She is also a fighter. They travel together in search of their fortune in these troubled economic times. She is more laid back, and sometimes outright embarassed about her friend.

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