Posted by: Ocean's Dream | July 29, 2009

Paradise Blue complete

Paradise Blue

Paradise Blue is finally complete! Download it from the link below. Let me know if there are any bugs. There may be some inconveniences because of the limits of RPG Maker, and some which would take far too long to fix, but I hope you enjoy it!
About the game
You can change your class once you beat the 1st boss. Before then, you can choose which starting class you want your characters to be, out of 6 of them (Fighter, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, Monk). You gain ABP after a battle, so once you get enough ABP, the character can learn an ability from their class.

There are 40 quests in the game.

You can hire people in the towns to help you in battle. Some may use abilities like boosting your magic power, walking speed, letting you attack first, and more.

Download link:

Paradise Blue

Mapping, Story, Gameplay:
Ocean’s Dream

Ocean’s Dream (Monster graphics, Battle backgrounds, some tiles, some animations, edits)
Square-Enix (FF graphics, Animations)
TFT (Main concept monster designer)
Kaworu (Concept monster designs)
Nessiah (Concept monster design)

Ocean’s Dream

Event coding:
Ocean’s Dream, Aten

Beta Testers:

Special thanks to:
All the NPC contributers, from various forums


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