Posted by: Ocean's Dream | July 20, 2009

9 day countdown

The deadline is on the 29th. At the pace I’m going, I might make it with time to spare. I’ll see, as long as nothing surprising pops up, which is bound to happen. So I’d at least rather take on 2 or more quests a day, although even 1 quest a day should be fine now.

I did a few more quests, so that is just about it for the side quests and that leaves 5 main quests.

But before I do, here’s the quests I did today:

-Rescue a researcher at the cave:  This is nice and simple. You get the quest at Seaside from a professor, and you go over to the caves to find where the researcher is, and fight the boss while you’re there. This lets you buy high level scrolls from the professors at the Marsall university where the researcher is from.

-The thief in Pertida: There’s a detective looking for clues on who stole a valuable item from one of the shops. You have to try to find out where the thief is hiding. I think I’ll go make this quest a little less obvious to solve, but basically it’s all set.

-The Ancanger in Marsall: There’s a large house in Marsall, where a wealthy man has placed the Ancanger (Mech) that he found. But the house is haunted. I’m not quite done with this one (this is the one I mentioned earlier), as I didn’t get to do the idea that I just came up with. Basically, the lights will go on and off periodically. You should run to a lighted area before the lights turn off, high level undead come out when it’s dark.

One of the main quests of the 5 that are left is basically just a long cutscene so I just have to plan out their dialogue and then write it out. I want the villain to have a short scene in here too.

I got around to making that battle background that I said I would in the last post.

But yeah, that’s all for today, hopefully more updates for tomorrow!


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