Posted by: Ocean's Dream | July 15, 2009

Quest tackling

OK, trying to finish these quests so I can get it done soon. I have set an arbitrary deadline of 2 weeks to finish. I’m going to outright say that it’s impossible for the game to be released then, but if I’m REALLY lucky I can have it set for beta testing, or at least have a good amount of the game done.

Right now I set a quest that relies a bit on stealth. You get 2 traps (you can pick them up too if a guard hasn’t set it off), and have to avoid a few guards to get to your destination. Took me a night to get the traps working right, and the guard sight. I have the sight range done for 2 guards, need a few more and then to set the consequences if a guard catches you. Then to finish the quest.



  1. I am really glad. Oh, those were so refreshing words ^-^
    Oh, by the way that was ME posting on the tileset tutorial 😛
    I forgot to mention ^-^’

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