Posted by: Ocean's Dream | July 1, 2009

So I lied

I did nerf the weapon. Apparently, when testing, I noticed something odd. The Sun Sword, having a lower attack power, was doing more damage to neutral enemies than the Ultimate weapon was doing. I thought it was only because the previous enemy was an undead (and yes, it did do extra damage because of it). But it was doing almost 2x-3x the damage of the strongest weapon, and it wasn’t supposed to. So, I had to kill the attributes for elementals, so that way the weapons could be balanced again. I replaced them with other effects now. So some can attack twice but has a lower hit rate, some raise your mind, some do status effect damage, the Sun sword now does Mind Break.

I stuffed some treasures in the Forest area now, so you can go raiding them there.



  1. Sorry I haven’t realised that this game had it’s own blog space.

    I was hoping to see some video of gameplay or something for the game. I’m sure your sprite tutorials are really helpful but I was a little more interested in this game!

  2. Yeah, I would but I figured I’d just go until I’m done with the game. I am in the later part of it. Plus there is a demo of the game, although a fair of amount of it is outdated, it still gives a good sense of what the game is like.

  3. That’s cool, I guess I just want to play the game and I’m being impatient heh.

    Hmm, I was also meaning to ask you… Have you ever tried reducing the size of the maps? As in more close and tight similiar to how the older FF games like ff4 was like?

    I think some maps are quite spacious and it would probably look pretty nice if the buildings, trees, and everything were a bit more closer together.

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