Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 29, 2009

Official quest countdown

So, I have a list of quests I need to do until I finish the game, and I’m sticking with it.

Right now, I added about 3 quests in the game, maybe more since the last update.  So, that means I have 12 quests in total (main and side quests) to add. It may seem like a bigger number than I might have posted in earlier posts, but whatever. This is the official list and not some guesswork at 3 in the morning. When they are added, the game will be up for testing, and then when it’s good enough, I’ll release it. I don’t have a time frame for this but hopefully should be soon enough.

I’ve worked on some NPC quests that I’ve been given. I still have to add one NPC character, but that’ll be quick. Otherwise, I’ve finally gone around and did stuff with some of the NPCs that haven’t had anything to do. There are a few more but I think it’s like 2 or so, and they don’t have quests associated with them so it’s just thinking of dialogue for them.

Anyway, for something amusing (to me). Managed to hit a critical on an undead creature:


The green numbers are HP Regeneration, I had a spell cast for that. So yeah, I had the Sun Sword equipped, and that’s what happened after a critical. Of course I had to set it up just right, as you can see PowerUp was one of the things used. You’re not going to be seeing these damage numbers in game, or you may but it’d be rare. So no, I’m not nerfing it. I believe at end game you’ll be doing 700-1400 damage generally.


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