Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 15, 2009

Sketch pad

Just adding a few simple sidequests around. I finally found the text document that listed all the quests in the game. There’s 45 total, I may chop down a few but otherwise that’ll generally be the amount.

A simple thing, but I’ve been fixing enemy names that have been chopped off because of too much letters. Since the enemies show their level before their name, some names end up being too long. Like L16 ShadeSPIRIT which got renamed to L16 DoomSPIRIT. That’s a hunt creature for a quest. It tends to cast multi-target instant death spells so it could be nasty. The sketch pad (shown on this title) is another quest, although a very simple one.

I completely forget if I mentioned this, but ABP requirements for all classes (except one) have been lowered, usually significantly. I probably mentioned this though.

I have a few new Amelia pictures, I’ll post up one which is also in Division Heavens blog.

Image by BlackCenturies

The character on the left is Archeia, a charcter by Nessiah. The one on the right is Amelia.



  1. Farming will take a while and be fiascos in the beginning, but once you will get
    into a routine pattern by it, it’s with relative ease and hands on do.
    11-Unlock Essence of water: Enter the code ‘ep_water’.
    Be sure to have got all with the ingredients needed before heading to craft the item with The Sims Medieval forging

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