Posted by: Ocean's Dream | May 29, 2009

The Giant of Bab-il

It’s a song from FF4, a very good one. It was the one that finally brought enough inspiration for me to tackle the next dungeon. This is probably the last dungeon I’ll need other than the last one as far as designing goes.

I still have a few more quests and sidequests to go but hopefully I’ll have a good amount done by the end of summer. I really want to see this project complete, so don’t worry, I won’t abandon it.

In this dungeon, I added some guards that you have to get by. You can hide behind pillars for cover. Of course if you really suck at this, you can just fail a few times, fight the guards a few times and then it’ll be clear. Not recommended if you’re on a low level (anything below 8) because you don’t get anything except a heal item drop and they can hit fairly hard, though it’s not like you’re fighting a boss.

I finished putting text in the books in the game, so you should be able to check them all out and see what they say. Some even teach you spells which can be nice.

I also put more of the job classes in the game, so you can get the Assassin job and the Paladin one. So really the only ones missing are *maybe* Chocolatier (I have to check, I think I did this one but I dunno if it’s a complete quest) and Dark Knight. Once they’re there, then all the classes will be available.

Then, I need to add 2 more summons to the game, and then the player will be able to have all of them. I think I’m missing a few spells and weapons but those will mainly be quests. I’m planning on 30-35 quests, and I have 22 so far.

I got some of my songs back, like last boss songs and a field song, so you’ll hear them in Paradise Blue too. Now, I’ll have to compose a song for this dungeon.


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