Posted by: Ocean's Dream | May 24, 2009

Working again

Switching from Azure Ocean to Paradise Blue now. Since Emirpoen’s gonna be taking a break from working on games altogether, I decided to go back and continue this. I don’t really like doing that because if I keep switching between games it’ll take longer for both of them to be released, but I guess I’ll just finish this.

What I did today was add some NPCs to Seaside and Vila Estelar, I made animations for some of the summons too. Now that I remember where I am in game, I’ll finish putting the NPCs in Seaside and then continue the main questline.

Here’s a screen for now.


You can rename the characters to whatever you want, so no this isn’t a Haruhi fangame. I forgot to rename Yuki and Tsuruya since I changed their classes though.


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