Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 21, 2009

Developers room

I worked mostly on the Azuras river interior. This is a place where you can pay to fight battles, and you’ll always be able to fight as long as you have the money for it. You don’t get EXP or G from the battles but you do get ABP.

They pretty much work, and the quest is set for it already. I made new monster graphics for it, so I just have to make an Octopus and finish up a Stingray and that’s it for that. I also have to write up some guard dialogue and add some more NPCs around the area. Shouldn’t take too long.


Now, the developers room was inspired (ripped off) from Final Fantasy IV. It’s the same map layout pretty much, just with my graphics instead of FF4 stuff. And the people are going to say different things. Maybe have some items about. I’ll think more about it later. I was just happy to make one.



  1. Haha, once I stumble upon this room, all my money will be drained out. I just love having battles in Paradise Blue!

    I can’t think of anything else you might add, mostly because there isn’t much to add, to be honest…

  2. Yeah, I’ll probably be broke too. It’s relatively cheap though, 300G at most shouldn’t be much of a dent on your 20,000G+ wallet. Of course there’s high level magic to save for though…

    Actually, money might very well be finite. I hope the quests and stuff should give you enough to not have to really worry, but I wonder how much in total one would get. Haven’t made all the quests yet so I’m not sure how rich you’d eventually end up.

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