Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 11, 2009

Blue magic items

I had this problem for the longest time. There are several items you can pick up in the game which are considered blue magic items. When you get 10 of these, then you automatically learn the blue magic skill, and those 10 are removed.

Now, the problem I had was that after 10, you could still get these items, and if you get another 10, it’ll tell you again that you learned the skill. I thought I had a part of the code that prevented this problem, but I realized it’s flawed and the switch is immediately shut off.

Now, that’s just a minor bug. But the thing that I didn’t like was that you had to either have a blue magic user handy and check their spell list, or remember which spells you learned. If not, you had a bunch of blue magic items from spells you already learned that are there taking up space and distracting you from the blue magic items that matter.

My solution was to automatically convert any blue magic item you get after you learn that spell into gold. So if you get 10 Breeze Orbs and learn Aero, any Breeze Orb you get after that will net you 37 Gold. I just tried this and it seems to work with no problems so far. So, now you never have to worry about selling blue magic items, only buying or finding them.



  1. The way you make Blue Mages learn their spells is certainly unique, but I have to say it’s sort of uninteresting, even if it can be user in a few interesting ways. I wonder if you’ve looked for a way to implement Blue Magic just like in Final Fantasy 5 (having the mage learn the spell as he gets hit by it). That system would rock, and I believe it has been implemented in other RPG Maker 2003 games. Or rather, have monsters give you Blue Magic items as they use their spells on your Blue Mage.

    The current system, as I said, is sort of uninteresting to me, and I’d love it if you could change it or modify it in some way.

    Once again, keep up the good work. I’ll look forward to your next updates! I’m on vacation right now, so I wrote this in my brief login, but I’ll be sure to check back once I’m done with my vacation.

    The best of luck!

  2. At this moment it’s late in development to go change it. There’s enough monster group coding that I’d get sick of adding more.

    Well, I don’t know if it’d work as well as it did in FF5 because this game is far shorter, and I’d either have to have multiple enemies use the same blue magic spell, or the players may miss it and never be able to get it again.

    There are no random encounters, so you can’t go hunting around for an enemy to cast the spell you want on the person you want. If an enemy group is gone, they’re gone for good. Having to learn blue magic like that means that a lot of players would simply get screwed over since they didn’t learn blue magic at the right time.

    In fact, I did initially plan blue magic to be learned FF5 style, but I changed it to this system instead. But the thing I do like about this system is that you can search around towns, get them from chests, earn a few from quests, and things like that. Even if they don’t, they could simply buy it (though the items can be expensive).

  3. I understand and I saw the point of the limited battles coming.

    It’s better if you do it the way you like, I’m all right with it, anyway!

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