Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 9, 2009

Our Lost Requiem

As it turns out, I have exactly 6 undead enemies in my game. Most of them are hybrids so they have more than one weakness. This means that black magic is good enough to take them all easily, with 2 exceptions. However, the one exception can be killed by physical attacks and their HP is relatively low, so that leaves us with one undead creature that would make use of a high powered undead killer spell (Nuke, the most powerful black magic spell, does 600-1000 damage to an enemy, while this did 1500+ to every undead enemy)

It’s not actually a spell, it’s a song called Requiem. It’s probably not all that likely for people to pick the Song ability, but I think it’s rather good. It has Power Up to all allies, Mind Up to all allies, and Defense up to all allies. Each of those are free. The way the equations work out in RPG Maker means that unfortunately Power Up is going to have a lot more effect than Mind Up or Defense Up, but they’re there if you want.

So, seeing as how I didn’t want a spell with exactly one use only, I decided to instead replace it. Now it’s a Disable song, which removes some attack power from all enemies and casts Mute on them. It has a 100% success rate, so unless they’re resistant to Mute, then they will be mute, but all enemies will lose some attack power. I’ll adjust the value of how much they lose, but even if it’s high, I probably wouldn’t mind as other spells do a significant attack power loss thing as well, and there’s a limit to how low it goes.

On another note, I added some enemies to the Crystal Caves entrance. This is the part before the demo (if you remember a ladder at the beginning of the demo in the caves, it goes up to here), so you can fight some enemies there. They’re rather tough (Mid to higher level 20’s) so take care. You can also learn Black Hole from the ShadeSpirit if you defeat it.


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