Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 6, 2009

Woah Ocean actually did stuff

OK, there are a few things I did recently.

-Added some new NPCs around, mostly to Seaside.

-Monica and Priscila, who show up in Santelha, now are present in multiple places. Talking to them in the other places will show different dialogue, and they start to talk more about themselves the more times you find them.

-Abandoned the old reward system. In that one, you had a choice of 3 rewards when you completed a quest. Now, you get no choice, just Gold, ABP, and perhaps an item. So now you don’t have to feel like you didn’t make the right reward choice.

-Renamed Spears, and adding a bit more power to them. Spears are very uncommon and there are few of them, so I figured I might add some more incentive to take one.

-Seaside and the Temple Narena area have all of their treasures and books inserted, so that is done as well. There are a few items placed where they were previously missing as well.

-Went from the intro and fixed up some of the dialogue and a bit of what happens in some of the events.

-Added 4 quests, most of them storyline quests. So now I believe there are 13 quests that are able to be completed at this point.

-The Time mage class is now available.

I think there was more, but I’m forgetful. Well, hopefully I can continue making more progress and get the game out soon! Don’t count on it being that close to release though, still have a lot of work to do.


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