Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2009

Some progress

I adding items and treasures to the “beginners house”. I also finally added a bunch of NPCs that I hadn’t yet put before. I need to add actual dialogue to them, a mini test battle, and explanations for things.



  1. I don´t know if you noticed it, but the weak thief is much bigger than the red mage when in weak status, i think this should apply with everyone else too…..
    i just downloaded the MP3 version, and now i understand why i found the music annoying… the MIDI ones can be, but the MP3 are wonderful!
    other thing i think can be implemented, the items screen with all the classes and all really becomes annoying, i guess you can make some key input process with the 1 key, to check if you have the quest log and the skills chart, and then call there scenes, also, make something like a blue magic menu, so you could store the blue magic itens in variables, i think this way the itens menu will feel a lot better… just thoughts ^^’

  2. Hmm. I’ll look into that. I’ve never really size checked them when they’re weak. It might be different now though if you’re basing it on the demo, I have new sprites for everyone since then.

    Yes, I hate the item screen because so much of what I need for these systems is in the item screen and it makes it cluttered. I did already do what you suggested, and the Quest log is called by the -, +, / or * keys, while the Skill chart is called by a number key. That way you don’t have to go into the item menu to use it.

    Blue magic is learned automatically now when you have 10 of the item, so there is no real need to go into the item menu to check those. I should change the description for the items now that you said that.

    Most of it is pretty much on top in the item menu, like the usable items and the weapons that have effects, so hopefully the incredibly huge item list wouldn’t be as bad. It can be pretty annoying to go looking for an item that casts a spell since that’s pretty low on the list, but unfortunately it’d take forever to fix.

    Thanks for the comment, and hopefully the full game won’t have the annoyances that the demo does!

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