Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 8, 2009

Charset/Faceset replacement done

Not exactly, but there’s really very few missing, plus some of them aren’t going to exist in the actual game so it doesn’t matter.

I added an area to the Ancient Ruins dungeon you’ll visit a bit after the demo is done. I also did some stat balancing. I found that attacks were pretty worthless unless you had: Power Up, High level weapons, Attack + abilities, Triple Cut. So for comparison, a person could attack for 40 damage, a strong person with all of that could do 200+.  Magic would hit for 500+ to all. So, there’s no real choice there. Plus, enemies later had really high HP levels, so you needed magic to wipe them out.

I lowered both enemy HPs and magic damage. Attack power has been increased too, so it’s possible to win some battles with the attack command. I don’t want people to just spam spells.

I removed some weapons/armor from the Pertida shops. I figured there was too much of a choice there. For example, for armors, I had some that reduced stats but added 200 HP, some that added attack power, some that had a high defense but lowered speed, and more. I know there should be a good and interesting choice, but I don’t like it when it gets excessive. I’ll just have the missing armors be found somewhere. The other missing weapons can be brought to the shop after a quest.


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