Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 3, 2009

Graphic replacing continued

So, I’m continuing to replace the graphics in my game. I’ve got a decent amount done now, and it makes me glad that I didn’t actually continue the dialogue or story in my game before, otherwise it’d be a lot more work.

So far, the areas done are Marsall, Crystal Caves, the Intro at Seaside, Beachside, Park Justino, Santelha, The hunting grounds and the village Vadeira (the village wasn’t in the demo, but was right below the hunting area), the Swamplands, the path to the village Luz Estelar, and Luz Estelar itself.

The areas left to replace graphics for are the Ancient Ruins, River Azuras, Pertida town, Seaside town, Forest, path to the Temple, and the Spire of the spirits. That shouldn’t take all that long as there’s not much dialogue to go through, most of it is character sprite replacing which is quick.


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