Posted by: Ocean's Dream | December 16, 2008


I think I probably mentioned sometime before that I was organizing the charset/faceset folder. Well, I finally did. Now I have to replace all the charsets/facesets used in game. I just hope I get all of them, I’m known for being forgetful so I may end up on beta-testing stage and having a few people bugging out because it’s missing a charset or something.

It’s way more organized now. I put the faces/sprites in a few categories: I divided it by Hero characters, Important NPCs, NPCs that people made for me, Common NPCs (like shopkeepers), and then divided the rest by the town they’re in. So I know all the people that are in Santelha, I know all the people that are in Marsall, things like that. I realized that I have a few sprites/faces that are still not used in my folder.  I could use that, I think the towns are still lacking in regular NPCs, most of them are just hireable, which isn’t that fun for people who don’t want to do that.

I also made a document that shows the rest of the quests, the plot outline and stuff. I actually don’t have much more to do in the main quest, but there will still be a fair amount of side quests to do.



  1. Hello! this place is the best show case of a good wp template right? seems all so organized that it even makes me think its perfect! keep it going.

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