Posted by: Ocean's Dream | November 20, 2008


Alright, based on the result of the poll, the SNES backgrounds win. So I have been working on a few of the battle backgrounds. I’m not done yet, but I’ll show you one of them so far:

I didn’t get around to doing all of them yet, though.

I got a new battle song from Kaede. While that means I’m not the sole composer for my game, it also means I have a better battle song now. That battle song I had before was actually composed years ago, I’d say a good 10 years ago or even more.

I fixed a bug involving the Conjure ability. It didn’t always show up in the Skill subset command, and I realized that I screwed up and didn’t put them in the correct subset. That’s taken care of, so hopefully Conjure should now work fine.

I just thought of an idea involving the Summons, that was one part I haven’t gotten to yet. I will start spriting them and getting down their names once I am done with my school work.



  1. I totally designed that crab! Also dude, everything looks really good. You’ve really grown as a spriter. I enjoyed your last demo a lot.

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