Posted by: Ocean's Dream | October 4, 2008


So, I was reading up on a gamefaqs thing on FF6. It was mainly about optimizing the characters, so a large part of it was dedicated to equipment. That made me think about the type of equipment I have in my own game, especially the armor.

I decided to run an experiment and do a test battle. The monster would have 255 attack power (which would be standard for high level enemies), and attack would be its only command. My characters were on Level 50, as it’s my cheating group. So they had about 300-500 HP more than normal, I’d say. But I was mainly testing defense.

The characters were mostly mage types, with about 40-50 defense. The fighter had 130 defense. I figured there’d be a huge difference, right? Wrong. The mages took 110. Fighter took about 90. Almost triple defense, about 20% difference.

I wish I could specify the algorithms but I can’t with this program. Blah. Well, I tried something different. I basically multiplied the defense values by 4. The problem is that it makes it seem like it’s a huge difference and that you MUST upgrade to the one that has the highest defense, when that’s not necessary. Well, at least now I can tell a difference between armors. I still have some testing to do but that should be it for now.


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