Posted by: Ocean's Dream | October 1, 2008

More enemies

No, I’m not slacking off by reading tons of articles, looking through pixiv, and talking on IRC instead of working on my game. What gave you that impression….

I have added enemies to a few more maps now. There’s still a good 5-7 areas left to add enemies to.  It doesn’t really take that long to add enemies, so it’s not like it’s been days of constantly trying to add enemies into it. I just do it for an hour or so here and there.

I also tested out a new boss battle, designed it so it’d be possible to beat at around Level 3-6. The boss itself is on Level 6, but I beat it on Level 4 even without the help of some strategies which would have made it much faster. Then, I did some testing and changing abilities/stats of some enemies and things.


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