Posted by: Ocean's Dream | September 14, 2008


I finally did the GIANT monster graphic that I’ve been meaning to do. Now to add a Hall of Giants somewhere. If you haven’t played FF1 or don’t remember, it’s a hallway in the Earth Cave which in every step you fought a Giant. Good for grinding.

I also am glad that the pictures for the Skill chart are easily changed, so I don’t have to do a whole thing for all 4 characters, I just change it once and then I can copy that over without needing to change anything. Made it really simple for me. I removed the Knights Level 4 Attack+ Ability, and removed the Thief’s Stealth ability. Stealth is dumb since it’s like a 0 MP Blink instead of a 1 MP Blink, plus it’s a whole command. White Magic is worth way more than that, and it was also easier to acquire. No point in having useless abilities. As for the Level 4 Attack+, that’s really just too much abilities when it could just be 3. I just raised the amount that those 3 raise.

Once I place all the enemies and ABP chests/rewards in the game, then I will balance out the class ability points. I may remove the Time Mage’s Mute Guard and put something else in, but I dunno what. Time Magic in itself is very useful so I may just keep it at 2 abilities, I’m not sure.


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