Posted by: Ocean's Dream | September 8, 2008


I was just testing my game out, so I can fix some bugs and see problems with the story and how to fix it.

I ended up slaying every enemy I placed in the game so far, and ended at Level 10. I bought a fair amount of stuff, I already had Bolt3 by then. I couldn’t afford the other things but I still did have some nice stuff. Maybe that means I need to give less money, or just have really good stuff cost more, I dunno.

Need to fix the Water spell: It did half the damage the characters had at Level 1, so it’s too strong. Also, need to lock the equipment of an ally, otherwise you can loot him and use it to gain an unfair advantage.  Some of the scenes need to be rewritten as well, though I don’t have much so it won’t take long.

Then, I have to add in the NPCs. I haven’t done that yet, but I did get to finish replacing the old monster groups with the new ones. I have to fix the Conjure ability, but at least that doesn’t require going through every monster group.

Still lots of work ahead, and I’m sleepy.


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