Posted by: Ocean's Dream | August 22, 2008


So I finally got around to spriting/animating the NPCs that will be used for battle. I am working on some new monster group templates so that I could copy them over and changing the values would be a bit easier for future monstars.

Also, I changed $Toss to go from maximum 9999G tossed, to maximum 99999G. What this does is change the damage limit for $Toss from 999 (which could easily be surpassed by Level 5-6 spells), to 9999 (which costs a whole lot, but that kind of damage pretty much cannot be reached by any other way).

Added an NPC effect which has a 33% chance of slaying each enemy at the beginning of the battle.

I have yet to put them all in the towns though, but that’s not hard to do. I just haven’t really been home that much recently to do it.


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