Posted by: Ocean's Dream | April 19, 2008


OK, added the shops and the Inn. The interior is complete, pretty much. No NPCs yet, but the town is pretty much functional. I still have to do the beach side of the town, but that’ll be easy, 2 purple shells. The 4 pianos are set, so now you can play every piano.

I went on to go bug killing. I didn’t realize it, but the Drain, Confuse and Bio spells all taught you Fire2 instead. The facesets for some of the vendors were incorrect (red guy instead of a blue guy). The hidden chests around should have been visible to thieves, but weren’t. Turns out I forgot to specify the treasure chest graphics… so of course they weren’t going to see it. Also had the see hidden paths thing block you for some reason, so I fixed that up.

You can learn almost all the spells from shops. This is getting really expensive, so I might either have to drop the prices, or have more money available. I cheated and gave myself like 120000G… I thought it’d be enough, and I still ran out. That’s not a good sign.


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