Posted by: Ocean's Dream | March 18, 2008

Got quite a bit done yesterday. I finished mapping out the exterior town of Pertida, and almost done with mapping the interiors… except for the huge tower in the middle and some buildings. But I did get the shops and stuff covered.

The shops are complete in that town, so you could buy Time Magic, White Magic, Black Magic, some nice weapons, armors and stuff. A bit expensive though, but the best weapons/armor you can buy are there, so after that you really only need to save up for spells. And that mansion you could buy in Marsall. I have to start thinking up some quests they could go on for munny.

I started with some NPCs. I had forgotten to do the ones in Vila Estelar, so I need to fix them up and add a few more there. There’s also the village of Vadeira which needs NPCs in it and a purpose for that building. I might add access to the school there too.

I fixed some bugs that I didn’t realize existed before. When you run away from an enemy, I don’t know what triggers it, but in very few occassions, they may forever be invulnerable and you can’t go into battle with them. So I fixed that. There was an issue with the Lumina Axe not doing any damage to anything. I realized it ONLY affected undead, so I changed that too.

Found some of my old music, so I plugged it into the game.



  1. I must say, this is the best Paradise Blue screenshot I’ve ever seen. Great job on that, especially the pattern on the upper wall border.

    Nice to read about your progress too. Good luck with the game!

  2. Wow, this is looking great! It’s very reminiscent of the old NES RPG games 😀

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to capture the nostalgia of old games while not using the same colors as the old NES games. Mainly because it ended up very restricting. But I respect the people that had to work in that restriction, it’s very hard to get something to look good with so few colors.

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