Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 29, 2008

I have been working on various things, so sorry I haven’t updated this. School started, so unfortunately my progress will be slower. I did get around to finishing making monsters from concept art (at least for now), so I should have enough monsters to carry me for a while.
Here is an example monster:

(Concept art by TFT)

I have been working on making the bounty monsters harder. Not impossible, but at least not too simple for those on Level 4 trying to take down a Level 14 Osprey. I started making some swamp monsters, then I have to add NPCs and treasures. And perhaps some dialogue on the :3 mushrooms.

Did I mention that I fixed up the backgrounds? Well, I did. So, that’s it for now, once I’m done with the swamplands area, I’ll go back to the Castle and add some quests. This will include Time Mage and Summoner class, so you get to enjoy playing around with those.


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