Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 25, 2008

For updates, I’ve been working mainly graphically. So far I’ve fixed up most of the monster graphics, made some more monster graphics, fixed the charactersets, and made a new battle background bar. So now the battle background bar is bigger for each battle bg. I also redrew or remade some of them. I particularly like how Park Justino came out.

I added the rest of the books for Santelha Castle, I fixed some minor bugs, and still balancing enemies. I accidently gave the players a choice of 2000G, a Sawtooth Sword, or Carbunkle item. Well, the 2000G and Carbunkle are fine, but the Sawtooth Sword can easily be bought in that town for 650G. I fixed it and made it a Shark Sword. Good attack power and 40% chance of paralysis.

Now, I’m going to work on more monster graphics, then start with quests and adding monsters/treasures in Swamplands.


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